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  • Company History   OEM Software was formed as an S-Corporation in June of 1988. At that time, OEM’s primary focus was in providing fully integrated manufacturing solutions to first-tier automotive suppliers. OEM was a pioneer of EDI technology, becoming one of the first software providers to be fully authorized by all of the major automotive companies, including GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. Again on the leading edge of technology, OEM developed one of the first fully integrated bar code inventory management systems in early 1990, a system that is still in use today by a major manufacturer whose sales approach $200 million annually. In January of 1991, OEM began to implement software in the mortgage banking arena. What started out as a sideline grew into a major aspect of business for the company. OEM consultants are used by several large lenders on a variety of systems around the country, including Flagstar Bank, Citicorp, Boatmen’s, PNC, Homestar, and Southtrust, as well as by many of their other smaller clients. OEM has become integral to all of these clients in terms of customization, implementation, interfacing to other systems, and acting as a liaison to the software vendors. Many of the vendors themselves use OEM for purposes of design, product and project management, and as a general knowledge base for their internal support. The key to OEM’s success has always been its ability to fully integrate separate pieces of software, and to customize an application to meet the specific needs of a client. In doing so, great pride is taken in meeting the needs of our clients without interfering with the functionality of the base systems. The combination of technical knowledge and business experience allows OEM to help its clients get up and running quickly, and to get the most out of their systems. Often OEM is able to assist its clients beyond just their system needs; it has also provided management consulting services in areas as diverse as re-engineering process and workflow to overhead and cost analysis. Looking toward the future, it is the company’s goal to expand further into the mortgage banking, financial and accounting markets by continuing to align ourselves with additional solution providers. In spring of 2006 OEM re-partnered, after a number of years supporting competing systems, with Open Systems, Inc., a leading provider of core accounting and manufacturing software platforms. OEM provides the technical resources needed during the implementation phase, and can then act as a liaison and an additional level of support on an ongoing basis while providing resources for integration and customization. The result is a positive situation for all parties involved. With this in mind, here are brief summaries of the OEM partners and their backgrounds:
  • Steve McCormick - BSA University of Michigan - Dearborn, MBA University of Detroit.  Steve founded OEM in 1988.  Prior to OEM Steve worked as a project manager for MAI Systems.  Before MAI Steve developed systems by working within various accounting positions ranging from accountant to controller to financial manager for several medium size Michigan corporations. As founder and senior partner of OEM, Steve brings over 20 years of consulting and programming experience. Prior to starting OEM, Steve was instrumental in designing EDI and inventory control systems for a major manufacturing software provider. These designs became reality after OEM was formed, placing OEM as one of the first approved EDI solution providers for GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Steve’s knowledge of EDI and communications software would be invaluable to any client in a distributed database environment, as well as for any client looking to use the Internet for communications and / or application development.
  • Pat Hinman -  Pat is a graduate of Alma College with a specialization in finance.  He brings over 18 years of consulting and 9 years of mortgage banking experience. Pat has developed solutions for a wide variety of applications, from bar-code inventory management to overhead and cost analysis. The last 8 years have been spent primarily in the mortgage banking side of things, including a short stint as a minority owner of a small mortgage broker. Pat was instrumental in the design of Citicorp’s specialized “custom” version of the Gallagher software, and has acted as project manager for that account since its inception. In addition, Pat has played a key role in the development and implementation of the Gallagher system for Flagstar; most of the custom applications and interfaces used by Flagstar were designed and developed either by Pat or under his direction. More recently, Pat has been acting as project manager for World Wide Financial Services on a Windows® based mortgage system being developed by Integra Software. Pat’s broad based yet detailed knowledge of the mortgage banking process coupled with his technical ability make him a strategic player during the implementation phase and beyond.
  • Pam Hall - Pam brings over 20 years of experience in working with banking and mortgage systems. Having worked many of these years on the client side of the relationship, she brings a different perspective to managing the customer / vendor relationship. Pam has developed several interfaces on a variety of platforms over the past 9 years, including interfaces from Gallagher to CPI and to DLS servicing systems. Her project management skills combined with her knowledge of banking systems and her strong technical background make her an asset to any implementation.
  • Matt McCormick - Matt brings over 10 years of experience working directly in the mortgage banking environment, along with 12 years of consulting in both mortgage banking and manufacturing software arenas. Matt was a solid producer for major lenders such as Citicorp, Far West Savings, and Sears Mortgage, and has also acted as a branch manager for a small mortgage company. For the last twelve years Matt has shifted his focus to the technical and consulting side of the business, and has gained solid experience in a wide variety of
    database systems, programming languages and operating systems, including BBx, C language, and .NET platforms. He was the primary developer for Flagstar’s LOS customization for over three years, ending in 1999. Since then he has been involved in large number of projects for Integra LOS implementations, including those at World Wide Financial Systems (aka LoanGiant), K. Hovnanian Mortgage, and Homestar Mortgage. His
    mortgage banking background and technical knowledge, combined with a Finance-centered MBA from Oakland University, make him an invaluable resource for implementation and integration of software systems.


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