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Mortgage EDI
OEM EDI Mortgage Software was designed to run on large networked systems.  Designed specifically for the Mortgage Banking Industry,  OEM applications can be are used in conjunction with popular 3rd party applications..

      OEM software interfaces with Integra, Gallagher and Fiserv. 
Automotive EDI

OEM EDI Software runs on a variety of operating systems including HPUX, AIX, and Windows and can be installed on most popular networks. Designed for automotive suppliers, some customers have OEM applications that are used in conjunction with "canned" packages. With our ODBC connection integrating system can be a breeze. OEM software can interface with Harbinger,IBM, GE, and may other VAN software providers used by Honda, DC, Nissan and others as well as direct connections with GM and Ford.
      OEM's staff began working with automotive EDI in 1981! Our staff has the knowledge and experience to know what combination is most cost effective when it comes to EDI. Whatever your communications requirements are OEM will configure the optimal cost and ease of use package for your company. Eliminate duplication of effort and painstaking reconciliation by having OEM share it's knowledgebase with your company.  OEM Engineering Software is designed to provide Manufacturing Process Engineers up to the minute reporting of shop floor activities as well as historical

standards, setups, and instructions on the process. This Module is invaluable for management, but also to the operators, material handlers, and production coordinators. Data is collected real time, where and as it happens. This module makes information available to everyone that needs to know and gives them feedback they need to keep honing their efficiencies

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