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Mortgage Processing

  OEM Software works with several of the best software companies in the industry. OEM partners with Interga  software to provide their customers with the finest support available. We regularly advise and assist in the design of the standard revision levels produced by the software houses. We assist in the installation, conversion, and day to day operation of some of the largest and most innovative Mortgage Bankers in the industry. Citibank, K Hovnanian, Homestar, Flagstar, and Shore Mortgage are some of the companies that make up our client list. Additionally, we have been supporting the Integra LOS since 1999 and can offer a high level of support on this system, which includes the following:
  • Custom task development (incl. custom lock screens w/ extended functionality, etc.)
  • Workflow automation and customization
  • Application interfaces (of all kinds, incl. servicing, delivery, secondary marketing, underwriting, etc.)
  • Web Integration (w/ Integra)/Site building and enhancement
  • Product Server Integration
  • Standalone auxiliary mortgage applications
  • Accounting system integration
  • MERS system workflow integration
  • T-SQL batches and stored procedures
  • Crystal Reports
  • Document programming (VMP, Greatland, etc)

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